Wednesday, August 16, 2017


beginner's guide to a flawless face

Beginners’ Guide to a Flawless Face

Makeup can seem slightly over whelming and intimidating to some. So many different products to choose from and then to learn the application of them all. If you apply a bit too much, it...
Makes nails grow faster and stronger

8 Easy Ways to Incorporate Castor Oil in Your Beauty Regime

Nature has some great hidden gems that we sometimes remain unaware of. One of these miracle by-products of nature is Castor oil. While the thought of using cooking ingredients as beauty treatments may seem...
9 Beauty tools every girl must have in her vanity

9 Beauty Tools Every Girl Must Have in Her Vanity

You see gorgeous girls with perfect makeup all over you social media. You watch a ton of tutorials by your favourite beauty gurus, trying your best to master the art of applying makeup. Yet...
How to always look your best without makeup

How to Always Look Your Best Without Makeup

Everyone wants to look the best version of themselves. Although an undue obsession with ones looks can definitely be unhealthy, to care about our outlook is only natural and in fact quite essential. Sure with...
10 Hacks to save you on a bad hair day

10 Hacks to Save You on a Bad Hair Day

In order to look ready and put together, hair play an extremely important role. A fresh haircut or blow dry can really amp up your confidence. Not all of us are blessed with easily...
6 best sunscreens to swear by this summer

6 Sunscreens To Swear by this Summer

The sun is upon us and it’s sure the time to soak in some vitamin D. Going to the beach, having picnics in the park or just going out and enjoying the blue sky...